Benjy Parker (Earth-1291234)



Benjy Parker in this alternate universe of the son of Peter Parker (Also known as Spider-Man before his ghoulish death by the hand of Deamos). Swore that one day he'll take the mantle of the old hero of his brave acts. His old sister became Spider-Woman and he has already grown to his age twelve. He started to train a bit martial arts and gymnastic as well discovers having spider-like powers. He was able to shoot biological webs out off his wrists and has super attributes like strength and speed, he's enable to lift up to 5-9 tons and can climb any walls with his static hands and feet and the whole body. He becomes Spider-Man by using his homemade outfit to run around the street and taking down threats to others. Before American Dream found him and took him down and send him to the hideout of her "Super Team". He woke up and saw Spider-Woman his sister, while unmasked which surprised him extremely much to make his sister Mayday Parker upset that her little brother becomes a crime-fighter in a very young age just to make their father proud to show Spider-Man legacy never ends. He founded himself a escape and made a costume with blue latex, with his super intellect. He made two wrist device which fires yellowish green electricity with full energy powered to make blasts and melees sometime in very such frequent danger dubbed them as "Venom Stingers". He later got night vision which his mother Mary Jane buyed some for him to see in dark places and learn from his Uncle Ben from alternate universe "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". Until that day. He became his sister's partner (or sidekick) as the new crime-fighter The Stupendous Spider-Man!

=Powers and Equipments=

Benjy has inherited his fathers enhanced super-powers. He has variety of spider powers that will be a good use for crime fighting or fighting giant global threats along with his team and partner sister.

Superhuman Strength: Benjy has good strength that he's capable of lifting over 5-9 tons only, he could pass through when he gets mad to 15 tons if he uses all strength and endurance for something big to lift. However, he's capable lifting heavy objects with ease sometime, just like his father. His blows are strong enough if he uses all his strength what he got for punching.

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