An android, member of the heroics, and former Droider. He was found and fixed by Alpha, the leader of the Droiders. He thought they were helping humanity, until he overheard a conversation between the other 3 droiders about how to enslave humanity and lashed out. Beaten and broken, he went to his once-foes the Heroics. They gave him a second chance and let him join them. He has been a member through all changes and losses, along with Hybrid, The Vampire King, and Latina.


He was the most durable out of the droiders, but had the least speed. He could move and fly at mach 1, and withstand a nuclear grenade without harm, which could easily disintigrate most metals. He is made of several metals. He is more durable than most superpowered beings, but signifigantly less durable than Ultra. He can lift about 10 tons, has good weapons systems, giving lasers, from hands and eyes, retractable missile launchers on his wrists, and retractable machine guns on his shoulders. He has a hologram-inducer allowing him to appear human, looking like an african-american male with the name of Barry Eata.