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Reynoman Reynoman 23 November 2018

Initiative Members

Hey guys! As you're all probably aware, I've been working on The Called. I've decided to add almost all the teams from the 50-State Initiative, mostly as allies for the titular team. I'm just trying to figure which of these following heroes would be good in the series. What do you guys think? 

List of Teams (by State)
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Reynoman Reynoman 28 January 2017

Battle Bots

As some of you may have noticed, I decided to use some of the Battle Bots from Big Hero 6: Bot Fight for my Big Hero 6 series. All I need help with is try to figure out what each Battle Bot might be on the show & who should be used for: good or evil? 

Bot Info


Mag is one of the first bots created to be used in combat. This bot was originally intended to serve as a household help bot. Uses magnetism in variety of ways such as being able to stick to walls.
Hiro Hamada


In order to be more efficient in bot fights, Mag had to be reprogrammed, given a new body frame and enhanced weaponry. Now equipped with Magnetic Hammer Arms, he is now able to hold his ground against other bots.

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 8 May 2015


The community has moved here:

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OmniWill OmniWill 2 January 2014


The New OWAU is devoted to only 3 or 4 Series' and more in the future. To do this massive clean slate project, OmniWill will be canceling multiple series' he has planned in order to focus on these four. These cancelled series' include Iron Man: Legacy, Young Avengers (Series), Avengers Assemble: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and possibly Deadpool (Series).

The New series' that will replace these cancelled series will be, X-Force Unchained, An unnamed Spider-Man series, and another secret series. The fourth spot may POSSIBLY be filled by the deadpool series, depending on circumstances.

I know some of you were excited and waiting for AA:EMH so as compensation, in a couple of day I'll be posting a preview for X-Force Unchained, below the line.


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Mal-man Mal-man 5 November 2013

New Characters on the way

Hello everyone my name is Malcolm i have been using wiki for a few years now starting with Star Wars Fannon in 2008. anyway i have been working on a superhero story set around mutants and avengers. more about my story and characters will revealed soon i will spend most of the next few months making character profiles and just introducing you all to the heroes and villains of my story. please fill free to use my characters in your own stories as long as you keep to the profile powers and don't kill them off.

thanks for your time --Darth Perseus (talk) 19:25, November 5, 2013 (UTC)

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The Ultimate Thinker The Ultimate Thinker 22 September 2013


For you devoted users, I have page on Comic Crossroads called Earth-1224. You should check it out and post comments. Thanks.

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Uncanny X-Factor Uncanny X-Factor 17 July 2013

Earth-1862: Resistance

Hello all. There are many characters left to go in the Offspringaverse. So, since I'm amped for this project, and I can't start just yet, some previews are in order. The Resistance has a big job: free New York City from the wrath of the symbiotes, and eventually the US. It's a big job, since they've bonded to everyone except the heroes. So, here is the NYC Resistance, in order of who joins it.

So it's a large team, but the founders stop at Wolverine, the others come in gradually. Comments and feedback are recommended.

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Uncanny X-Factor Uncanny X-Factor 5 July 2013

My Planned Universe (Dimension X)

Hello MFF contributors. Next X-Man here. I've created personal characters for a very long time. So I thought I'd share my plans with you all.

  1. Offspringaverse (Earth-1175)
  2. My original universe (the main focus of this blog, currently nicknamed Dimension X)
  3. Earth-Symbiote War.

So, it doesn't sound like a lot, but I'll go into more detail below.

The Offspringaverse is home to the mostly non-canon children of 616 heroes, fighting the next villain generation. So, I'll spill some children's codenames, feel free to speculate on the parents. The reason I can put so many up right after the other is because I'm copying my stuff from another site.

  • Avengers: BattleBot, Crimson Arachnid, Marvel Man, Longshot, Psycho, Chain, Hornet, Time-Lord
  • Fantastic Five: Mar…
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Artemis Thorson Artemis Thorson 3 July 2013

The Amazing Artemis has Arrived!

Hello users of Marvel Fanfiction Wiki, it's great to be here. Some of you may no me from Marvel Crossroads, and I'd like to announce it to the people that I will now be contributed to both that wiki and this wiki. I'll add some of my more radical, reality altering unis over here, and I hope you'll all love them!

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 2 July 2013

Wiki Newsletter- July, 2013

Hello guys, and welcome to our first newsletter in eons! We've experienced a spike in activity, and that makes me excited for a ton of new announcements!

Everybody, please welcome X-Man to our trinity of admins, taking over for Samianthaan.

I wanted to announce our new feature, forum roleplays! You must have art least 10 edits to participate. This is a way for our community to come together. For more info, see Here. Not: Link may not be up yet, give me a bit. xP

Announcing Summer of X! Until the end of August, this wiki will have a focus on X-Men related shtuff! Thios means-

  • At the end of each month, we'll pick the best X-Men realted article
  • X-Men related roleplay character for sale, also, special characters.
  • Hopefully an influx of X-related sto…

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Uncanny X-Factor Uncanny X-Factor 2 July 2013

MFF: Improvement Ideas

Hey guys! My name is The Next X-Man. I'm a new user here. I hail from Marvel Crossroads. I know that, for some time, this Wiki has been underused. As of late, I've heard it called disorganized by several people. Since you guys have a nice Wiki, I'd like to change that. So here are some ideas I've had to improve the Wiki, partially based on my CR experience.

1. Categories

  • a. Duplicates: There are a few categories that have exact copies with either different names or bad grammar. If we remove these, it will be a good start. Edit: Looks like this is about done. The Next X-Man (talk) 21:11, July 3, 2013 (UTC)X-Citable X-Man
  • b. Powers: It's a way to add individuality to articles, and specify what some characters are capable of. I won't show all from CR,…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 2 July 2013

Please Read

hey, all users of the wiki-

We're havoing a greta rise in activity, but most of our articles are starting to have all caps titles. Please cease creating articles like that. I shall rename the articles already created.

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SolarSamurai59260 SolarSamurai59260 19 May 2013

So.How about Alpha

Is he a good character.

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Spidey-Jackson Spidey-Jackson 7 February 2013

ATENTION Wiki staff i have good news

now this wikia id dying hardly anyone ever edits but i promise alternative a place where your works can be seen come on down to the MARVEL croossroads wiki were this wiki can be relocated to anyone who is interested i just hate to see a wiki got to waste so why not share your down here have anice day

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Leoman9999 Leoman9999 20 January 2013


Welcome to Leoman9999's blog!

I'm Leoman, and I would like to get to know about how to make a fanfic.

If anyone has any helpful comments and quuestions please let me know.


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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 27 October 2012

No More DC

As the Scarlet Witch said No More Mutants, now I say NO More Dc in response to teh overwhelming wave of users who never edit coming on the criticize the admin for his choices.. (*cough*RG*cough*Ex*cough*)

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OmniWill OmniWill 23 October 2012

New Trailer and Newsletter

Heyo Everyone!!!! I have 2 things of buisness to take care of.

  1. 1. OMG DID YOU SEE THE NEW IM3 (Iron Man 3) TRAILER?!?! If not go ahead and check it out!!! Tell me what you think below!!!
  1. 2. Newsletter. I have an idea... That Maybe we Start Making a Newsletter. It would mainly be about updates going around the wikia, Featured users/heroes, reminders, such like that. So tell me what you think about having a newsletter below. Yay or Nay?
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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 6 October 2012


Well, I was kind of gone for a bit... and now I'm back. My immediate projects are the HAU and some video games I've been developing...a word of warning,that one of them is DC. I could not find a suitable wiki to put it on.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 28 September 2012

the Upgraded Spider-Man

I'm working on a Spider-Man fanfic. It's about a new spidey, it'll be explained. I've made a first design of the new suit, which will be worn by Lance Logan. I'll be updating the blog every now and then to give info on its progress.

The series is going to be dark, with killing, blood, etc. I currently have planned...(gulp) eight deaths of significant characters. Even though they're all villains. So less satisfying. Meh, I'll drag Gwen into things. But then there's no Green Goblin...hmm. Screw it I'll kill Deadpool instead.

Anyway, I have six ideas for main villains, I'm still working on it. Then there's secondary villains, those small time ones that appear at the beginning of an issue, only to be beaten in the first couple of pages. However,…

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 31 August 2012

Avengers (Earth 81648)

Monarchs (counterpart to Avengers):

Nick Fury is the African American in this universe, because that's the coolest Fury there is. He was born in 1895, and fought in the First World War, where he met James Howlett, a mutant born with retractable bone claws. They fought together, both being about the same age. He developed cancer shortly after the war, and James hurried to find a way of rescuing his friend. The answer came in the form of a blood infusion, from respected doctor, Nathaniel Essex. The blood infusion would theoretically give Nick the healing factor he needed to survive the brain cancer. It worked, however it also meant that his aging became distorted and slowed drastically, and despite about 90 years having passed, he only looks …

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 18 August 2012

Please Vote!

Hello! I'm having a vote for my new avatar here. I'd really appreciate your input.

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ExtremeSSJ4 ExtremeSSJ4 17 August 2012

Superhero Nation Roleplay Wiki

Hello there, I am ExtremeSSJ4 also known as Ex and well I wanted to let you guys know of this cool website I made a few days ago and I would really appreciate it if you decided to join. The main idea of this wiki is basically to make your own superhero/supervillain and RP with him. Superheroes and Supervillains start in a Safe house for whichever category they're in (Hero or Villain) and train, talk and simply have fun with the characters of other users. Once you got enough stars from RP you will unlock the city and then you can RP there and do really cool stuff. See the link below:


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JDUDE JDUDE 13 August 2012

First Story done

Ok, i just posted Marvel vs DC 1, please please please give me feedback, good or bad. Also, suggestions and ideas would help, and if theres anything else, just say below.

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OmniWill OmniWill 16 July 2012

Disambiguation Idea

I think for the Fan made heroes we should use Disambiguation pages, like at the Marvel Wiki, that could feature alternate realities and such. You know unless the creater doesn't want to.

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 7 July 2012

MFFW Monthly Update-July 2012

Welcome to this Wiki's monthly informer

The Midnight Challenge is up and very soon shall begin! although we only have two contestants its sure to be amazing!

This wiki has three Wiki's to pay attention too, I'd be happy to make anybody who joins admin as I need help spreading the word. (remember the c) and (

  • Our charcters face off in the MFFW 2012 Heroic Olympic Collaboration
  • A new OH Team opens!
  • Get involved as we start interlacing our universes!
  • And maybe a possible tale of the Elementalists and Opur Tommorow...
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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 9 June 2012

The Midnight Challenge

This is kind of a stunt to increase popularity of this site, but I wanted to introduce the Midnight Challenge!

It is a story-writing contest with Three Factions; If you would like to join let me know.

Ok, how this works is I assign you a Marvel character, and you write me a short story about them.

I assign you someone elses Original hero, (With their permission, if their inactive then I give it anyway) and you write one story any length about them.

I assign you one hero for a team up, and you pick the rest.

Pleas enjoy the Midnight Challenge. Entries must be posted by June 24, 2012.

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ExtremeSSJ4 ExtremeSSJ4 6 March 2012

Superhero Nation

Okay, so recently I created a wiki with a few users from other wikis known as Superhero Nation. The wiki is basically about any superhero you fanfiction allowed or anything related to DC Universe or Marvel Universe characters or stories. The wiki is about your own superhero and its own story, like our own you should go and check it out!

Ps, you can only create two superheroes and villains 2 hero character pages and 2 villain ones, we are getting everything prepared so just 4 character pages for now.



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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 4 March 2012

Please Welcome Our New Admin and Look!

I've decided I need some help to revive this wiki so . . . tada!!!! Tronfan is now an admin!!!!

  • applause*

He has been so kind to give this wiki an awesome top bar, and install several prestigious OH awards!!!!

  • applause*

I am also working on uploading a new wallpaper!!!!!

And, who wants to make another OH Team?

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 26 February 2012

Please Check this out!

Hello, everyone! Please, please try out . (remember the c between Xmen and roleplay!) the c stands for chronological. The point is to assume the role's of X-men throughout hostory. 9we are currently in the 1960's phase.) Hurry, before your favorite character is taken!!!!!!!!

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 4 February 2012

Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends is BACK! Here is my ideal series.

  • Colorless Vision (BAF head)
  • FA Storm (Modern Variant) (BAF Lower Torso & Left arm)
  • Modern Gambit (Baf Upper torso and right arm)
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales)(Spidey 2099 Variant) (BAF Right Leg)
  • Modern Giant Man (BAF Left Leg)

Check in later for series 2!!!!!!!!

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 24 December 2011



I am here to discuss a problem that has been plaguing this wiki.


No offense.

I am referring to the fact that many of you are posting character pages of heroes that belong to Marvel or DC.

Don't get me wrong, you can write a story, or series, or TV show about those characters, but character pages are solely for OC (Original Characters) and OH (Orginal Heroes.)

I am also starting something new- User of the month. Depending on your activeness you might become User of the month.


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Samianthaan Samianthaan 26 August 2011


I was just wondering how everyone likes Farrowitch.

Please comment.

Samianthaan/Annie αστέρι 17:42, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 25 August 2011


Guys I recently became interested w/ DC so as of now, DC is the secondary topic. this is mainly about Marvel- but you can do DC

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Pred 10 Pred 10 9 July 2011


I am issueing a challenge for people to do....... Integrate a non Marvel or DC character into the Marvel universe.... Like Danny Phantom or the Ninja Turtles, Or the Portal characters, the reward will be a picture of a kitten

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 4 July 2011


If you have seen any of my Craig Rescues things I am deleting him for the childish name and picture. I sahll replace him with Firebolt a new hero, w/ a pic fromn HeroMachine. I had named him when I was 2, and I have grown out of the name.


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The Sentinel The Sentinel 27 May 2010

New character maker!

Heromachine is a site where you can create a character. Try it, its awesome.

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 16 May 2010

Welcome, one and All!

So far we have three founding members- myself, Samianthaan and Lordalien. Hope more will join!

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