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Harry Osborn: Spider-Man is an American superhero comedy-drama comic book series, being published by Marvel Comics since TBD 2019.


Set in an alternative universe where Harry Osborn get bitten by the radioactive spider, instead of Peter Parker, and became Spider-Man where he jugging with being the son of wealthy businessman Norman Osborn and a crime-fighting vigilante.



  • Harold "Harry" Osborn/Spider-Man - a popular yet very friendly rich kid and the son of businessman Norman Osborn who gain spider-like abilities, after being bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider TBD


  • Dr. Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot - Harry's rather lighthearted and caring yet protective father and the head CEO of OsCorp who is often protective of his son since the death of his wife, which cause him to be a bit protective of his son, and help him out with dealing criminals, after he learn of Harry's secret. He soon later build a armor suit, inspires by both Captain America and Iron Maiden, and becoming Iron Patriot.
  • Emily Osborn - Harry's deceased mother and Norman's wife TBD
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Allan - a intelligence yet rather sarcastic young woman and Harry's love interest TBD
  • John "J" Jonah Jameson - the mildly nicer head editor-and-chief of the Daily Bugle Communications, a newspaper/online news television company TBD
    • Joseph "Robbie" Robertson - TBD
    • Elizabeth "Betty" Brant - TBD
    • Phillip "Phil" Urich - TBD
  • Max Modell - TBD
  • Capt. George Stacy - TBD
    • Lie. Jean DeWolff - TBD
    • Off. Jefferson Davis - TBD
    • Off. Yuriko "Yuri" Watanabe - TBD
  • Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stacy/Black Cat - TBD
  • Miles Morales/Scarlet Spider - TBD
  • Dr. Curtis "Curt" Connors/Lizard - TBD
  • Dr. Martha Connors - TBD
  • William "Billy" Connors - TBD
  • Martha "Mattie" Franklin/Spinnerat - TBD
  •  ???


  • Dr. Otto Octavius/Green Goblin - Norman's former friend who originally starting out as a kind and caring person but soon slowing became supervillain and one of Harry's most dangerous enemies where he is one of the only few villains to know Harry's secrets.
    • Anna Maria Marconi/Hobgoblin - TBD
  • The Sinister Six, consisting of:
    • Peter Parker/Dr. Octopus - Harry's former best friend who soon fall from grace as he than start developing six mechanical octopus tentacle-like arms and seek revenge on those who made him a outcast TBD
    • Sally Avril/Electro - a bratty former high school cheerleader and Liz's former friend TBD
    • Aleksei O'Hirn/Rhino - a Russian-American gangster TBD
    • Johnathan "John" Ohnn/Spot - an former Asian-American OsCorp scientist TBD
    • Morrison "Morris Bench/Hydro-Man - a former construction worker who get mutated into living water where he became obsessing of finding a cure.
    • Raniero "Blackie" Drago/Vulture - a near elderly terrorist who gain a TBD
  • Gabriel "Gabe" Osborn/Venom - Harry's cousin who became extremely jealous, even growing to dispising him, as well, until he soon gain and bonded with the Venom Symbiote, after it was "rejected" from Harry, and became a very dangerous enemy to Harry.
  • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - a wealthy businessman who, in reality, is a dangerous crime boss who ruled most of New York's criminal underworld and is both super strong and smart, making him a dangerous opponent.
    • Richard Fisk/Gentleman - Wilson's son who begin masquerading as a mysterious up-and-coming crime boss known as the Genetleman where he seek to gain control of New York's criminal underground and removing his father from the picture.
  • The Maggia, consisting of:
    • Silvio Manfreid/Silvermane - the elderly head of the Maggia who using technologies so he can stay alive forever and is obsessive of gaining eternal youth TBD
    • Hammerhead - Silvermane's right-hand man/bodyguard TBD
    • Jonas Harrow - TBD
  • Silva Sablinova/Silver Sable - a very infamous international assassin TBD
  • Steven "Steve" Levins/Jack O'Lantern - a near psychotic jack o'lantern-themed villain TBD
  • Nicholas "Nick" Lewis, Jr./Crime Master - a extremely ambitious crime boss who run a slightly small criminal organization where he seek to kill both the Kingpin and Silvermane so he can ruled New York City's criminal underworld TBD
  • William Baker/"Flint Marko"/Sandman - TBD
  • Phin Mason/Tinkerer - TBD
  • Vladimir "Vlad" Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter - a highly skilled Russian hunter who is the son of a infamous hunter where he seeking to honor his father's legacy and is obsessing with hunting down the most elusive prey so he can became the "true" apex predator until he soon later mutating himself into a lion/leopard/cheetah-like hybrid following his encounter with Spider-Man.
  • Maximus "Max" Gargan/Scorpion - a near sadistic Hispanic-American mobster who previously wielding a crane hook until he soon later mutating into a humanoid scorpion-like creature TBD
  • Clayton Cole/Shocker - a former fan of Spider-Man who developing a pair of vibro-powered gauntlets TBD
  • Martin Li/Mr. Negative - a benevolent Chinese-American philanthropist and the head of the F.E.A.S.T. homeless shelter who begin to suffer from a Jekyll and Hyde-like split personality in the form of Mr. Negative TBD
  • Dr. Miles Warren/Jackal - a college science teacher who TBD
  • The Menagerie, consisting of:
    • Lorina Dodson/White Rabbit - a white rabbit-themed villainess and the leader of the Menagerie who's the daughter of two billionaires who developing the appearance of a white rabbit, whom her parents fears of her safety, and became obsessing with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland TBD
    • Hippo - a giant mutant hippopotamus TBD
    • Panda-Mania - a panda-themed villainess TBD
    • Brian Hibbs/Kangaroo - an Australian-American criminal TBD
    • Martin Blank/Gibbon - TBD
  • Marcus Lyman/Massacre - TBD
  • Prof. Spencer Smythe/Spider-Slayer - Harry's former high school science teacher who developing a armor suit to kills Spider-Man, due to his arachnophobia.


  • Claws of the Tigra
  • Captain America: Legacy
  • Blade the Daywalker
  • Fantastic Four Unplugged
  • X-Squad: First Class (Limited series)
  • X-Squad: Earth's Uncanny Heroes
  • Avengers Unchained


  1. An Amazing Fantasy - While on a school field trip at OsCorp, Harry Osborn, son of wealthy businessman Norman Osborn, begin finding himself on a life-changing adventure where he start getting himself bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider and begin developing spider-like abilities.
  2. Look Out, Here Come the Spider-Man! - As Harry testing out his newfound abilities, TBD
  3. Power and Responsibility - TBD
  4.  ???


  • Gabriel "Gabe" Osborn/Venom is loosely based on the character of Gabriel Stacy.
  • ???