Early life

Robert Parks was a scientist who worked on arachnid D N A and his successful test subject was his pet spider Snippy. One night while he was working in his lab Snippy got out of his cage and bit him. Robert then remembered he had injected Snippy with a substance from the same crystal that created Spider-man 2121. Thus giving him super human abilities like levitation,the ability to project tentacles from his body and super-human strength. From then on he took on the alias Hex Spider. He has tangled with villains including Bullethead, Magneto and Grimlock.

Spider Society

Robert was one of the members of Peter Parker's Spider Society. They had gone on a lot of missions until they almost died fighting Venom 2121. He later took over as leader after Peter Parker retired.


Age:14(24 when Peter retired.


  • Spider-man 2121
  • Wolverine(Kevin Lambert)
  • Hulk(Kian Shaw)


  • Magneto(Zac Lambert)
  • Doctor Octopus(Ricky Mark)
  • Gold Goblin(Barry Osborn) (up until Spider Society)