Hybrid is the amalgam of the leading expert on Zoology, Dr. Alan O'Reily and the power of Doestag, the Animal God. As Doestag faded into pure energy to keep the animal kingdom alive, he gave his powers to Alan, giving him the powers of the Animal Kingdom. He is one of the current and founding members of the Heroics. He is heroic, brave, and willing to sacrifice himself for what he believes is right, but is moody and hates being contained. He is married to teammate Latina, and has a 5-year old son named Alfred and a 1-year old daughter named Mercura "Mary".


Hybrid is one of the most powerful beings in the BAM! universe and, in a crossover event between BAM! and Marvel, he beat Thor and battled Hulk to a stalemate. He has been shown fighting the Shadow God, Presto, who's power rivals that of a small galaxy exploding, and being able to move an Asteroid the size of Venus so it didn't hit Earth, but went into a coma for about 10 months. He has powers said "to rival a God's"

Superhuman strength: He has near-limitless strength, but can shift his power levels so he doesn't kill his opponents. He has been shown striking down Presto when the god had the power of the Great Evils, which has been said to give unlimited dark magic, moving a metal asteroid the size of Venus, stomping the ground hard enough to cause volcanoes within a thousand yards of him to erupt, changing the direction of the tide by flipping the moon, and bending a piece of Cransumite, which has been said to be invincible. His strength has said to be limitless.

Superhuman Speed: Hybrid is very fast, but not extremely. He can run at Mach 6.5 under optimal conditions.

Animal Power Mimicry: Hybrid can mimic any animal's abilities, be they be living, extinct, sentient, sapient, aquatic or land-living. He is not limited to one animal at once, in fact he normally uses them all at once.

Zoomorph: Hybrid can turn into any animal, partially or fully. He only uses this for animals who's special ability is in their body, like a giraffe. He can change himself to look like other humans too.

Flight: Hybrid can fly at Mach 5 under optimal conditions.