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Ghost Rider
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Jonathan Nicolas Blaze

Current Alias:

Ghost Rider


Johnny Blaze, John Blaze, JB, Brimstone Biker, Ghostie, the Riding Ghost, The Rider


August 1, 1972










Familial Information


Illyana Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased);
Pastor Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased);
Dante Kale (maternal distant relative, deceased);
Noble Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased);
Magdelena Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased);
unnamed maternal great-grandfather (deceased);
Joshua Kale (maternal grandfather, deceased);
Barton Blaze (father, deceased);
Francis Kale (mother);
Barbara Kale (sister, deceased);
Jennifer Kale (maternal cousin);
Andrew Kale (maternal cousin);
Craig Blaze (nephew);
Emma Blaze (niece);
Association Information

Marital Status:



None, Quentin Carnival (formerly)


Devil's Bounty Hunter, Spirit of Vengeance, Stunt rider

Base of Operations:

Mobile; formerly New York City, New York, Quentin Carnival


Identity: No Dual Identity
Nationality: American
Citizenship: American
Education: High-school graduate
Physical Description
Height: 6' 6"


180 lbs (82 kg)
Eyes: Blue
None (As Ghost Rider)


None (As Ghost Rider)
Skin: Fair
Physique: Muscular

Unusual Features:

While as the Spirit of Vengence, has a red and yellow flaming skull for a head and flaming skeletal body
Origin: Bonded with demonic spirit of vengeance, Zarathos
Universe: Earth-416274
Place of Birth: Waukegan, Illinois
Background Information

Voiced By:

Steve Blum

Jonathan "Johnny" Blaze was a stunt motorcyclist who sold his soul to the devil to cure his father's cancer. 15 years After his father died, the devil known as Mephisto bonded him with the demonic spirit of vengeance, known as Zarathos and became possessed by the fiery demon and become Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, a superhuman being possessed by a lust to punish the guilty and damn their souls.

Character traits

As Johnny Blaze

Johnny is a good person cursed with a sense of guilt for the death of his father and is angry for having been tricked by Mephisto. He is also humorous, sarcastic, somewhat cynical and strong willed.

He has a sort of addiction to candies, which he consumes in enormous quantities. He also has quirks, as he drank water from a pitcher in a public restaurant.

As Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is tough, ruthless, merciless, nearly emotionless and consumed a lust to punish the guilty. Therefore, he cares more about punishing the guilty than it does protecting the innocent.

While the Rider used to have no conscience and only "hunger" according to Johnny.

Also, every time that Johnny transforms into the Ghost Rider, he is almost always laughing maniacally and viciously, as the Rider's personality takes over the body. He is also quite aggressive in his behavior, He is also shown acting animalistic in his some of his mannerisms and posture, as he was shown growling, snarling and even roaring.

However, despite being its monstrous behavior, it shares Johnny's mannerism, ability to feel emotion and most notably his love for Roxanne Simpson. His feelings for her affected the Rider that his flame turned blue and calm and he tried to walk to her before he was shot repeatedly, which changed him back and caused him to make a wall of fire against the police who shot him. His fire changed blue again when he was near her, and he hid his face in shame of what he was, while she was able to touch him without being burned.

Powers and Abilities


In human form, Johnny does not possesses any super-human power. But, as the Ghost Rider, he's the supernatural combination between human host and stunt rider Johnny Blaze and the demonic Zarathos. As the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze possesses a variety of supernatural powers.

  • Demonic Transformation: Johnny Blaze possesses the supernatural ability to transform into Ghost Rider at will. These transformations can either involve Johnny's flesh turning to fire or his flesh burning off at various speeds. At one point, John's body erupted with flames like a grenade, (which did not affect his clothing) revealing the Rider. The transformation is more painful when it is delayed or when the flesh burns off, though sometimes, the Ghost Rider's personality has already taken over, rendering the transformation seemingly painless. However, with each transformation, while slowly transforming, Johnny usually has laughed maniacally or as the Rider's personality takes over. Originally, he would automatically transform at night or in the presence of evil. However, he has begun to gain control over his transformations and can transform through an act of will or when innocent blood is spilled. The power of Ghost Rider depends on who is in control over Ghost Rider (Johnny and the demon inhabit the same body, but while transformed Ghost Rider is in control, Johnny Blaze only influences it's decisions to an extent as he takes the "back seat" except when he sees Roxanne, he effectively calm down, shown when his flame shrinks and turns harmlessly blue. So in a way, it may be the type of psychological condition like with the Hulk whenever he sees Betty). Johnny Blaze has stated Ghost Rider is powerful, however, it is unknown how powerful. Nonetheless, Johnny Blaze, as Ghost Rider, is one of the strongest and most powerful beings on the planet, while Ghost Rider, is for all intents and purposes described as boundless in power to the extent where Ghost Rider was able to defeat Blackheart as Legion in battle; Ghost Rider is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.
    • Superhuman Strength: the Ghost Rider possesses superhuman strength sufficient to lift up to 100 tons or maybe more. He can effortlessly lift a person, or even an elemental demon, from the ground and send them flying through the air, all with one hand. His strength is matched only by the greatest of demons, while he can overpower lesser demons. With this strength, Ghost Rider was able to beat all of Blackheart's minions and Blackheart himself as Legion. He was even shown to be able to effortlessly pull a helicopter from the sky with his chain.
    • Superhuman Speed: Ghost Rider can move at erratic speeds in a rapid succession of movements that no mortal can achieve; allowing him to cover short distances either instantaneously or in mere seconds, this allowed him to appear to be teleporting, as he can seamlessly appear behind someone without even physically moving his body, this ability made him appear and behave more demonic and ghost like.
    • Superhuman Stamina: The mystical energy that empowers Ghost Rider prevents his muscles from producing fatigue toxins during physical activities, granting him limitless superhuman stamina.
    • Superhuman Durability:  In human form, Johnny is the same like any human being and is subject to the same vulnerabilities, as shown when Johnny had to stitch him up. Still, in human form, he cannot be injured fatally and survived every incident he experienced as a daredevil. However Johnny Blaze, while as Ghost Rider, is highly resistant to the point of being basically immune to all types of bodily damage as he has taken blows from beings such as Blackheart with no sign of pain or discomfort. Ghost Rider is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, explosions, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury. As his bodily tissues have been transformed, leaving only a skeleton, most projectiles such as bullets simply pass through him, bounce off his bones or burn away due to the level of hellfire emitted from him. Ghost Rider's body is for all intents immune to physical injury, as he is evidently not able to feel pain and is able to survive with no apparent discomfort no matter how severe the injury.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his invulnerability to conventional forms of injury, objects such as weapons forged in heaven by the archangel Michael, can actually harm the Ghost Rider to a certain extent. However, if his being is damaged, the magical energies imbuing him allows the Ghost Rider or Johnny Blaze to instantly regenerate any and all damage done, even to the point of fully regenerating lost limbs in moments, and regenerating his skull after it was destroyed in seconds without any discomfort or any evident pain.
    • Hellfire Manipulation: Ghost Rider is a powerful pyrokinetic and possesses the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or "hellfire" at will. Hellfire is an emphyreal and supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can be used to burn their physical body. He can utilize this fire in various ways, including projecting it from his eyes, hands, mouth, or even channel it from his body into his weapons like his shotgun, form walls of hellfire, and even transform a regular motorcycle into an tricked out one that could ride on any surface, even on water. He has used his hellfire to enchant a normal chain he found, as well as making a shotgun shoot fireballs and turning a crane into a powerful flaming mech that caused explosions when hit against the ground. He can also unleash the hellfire in omni-directional attacks that are incredibly powerful. After being shot in the mouth with an automatic machine pistol, the bullets vanished in the fames on his body and quickly he vomited the rounds back at his opponents as molten metal.
      • Incineration: Blaze is able to channel his hellfire to incinerate beings into ashes.
      • Heat Manipulation: A sub-power to his manipulation of fire and enchantment, Johnny is capable of applying heat to anything he touches. He can set any object in a high-temperature state causing anyone to feel a burning sensation without infusing fire.
      • Hellfire Infusion: the Ghost Rider's abitity to manipulate Hellfire, is such that he can even infuse it into external materials/objects. The most common object for infusion is their respective choice in vehicle, in Johnny's case typically motorcycles, but he will also use this ability to create or strengthen weapons. He first displayed the ability on his motorcycle, then later on a chain which he used to kill the first of the elemental demons, during his first transformation. The second time he transformed he was even able to make minor aesthetic changes to his jacket, then summon his motorcycle from a distance, suggesting he can re-infuse older objects from a distance. he was able to use hellfire on an empty shotgun to give it ammunition. The exact limits of the ability is unknown.
    • Empathic Reading: Ghost Rider can look into someone's eyes and see into their heart and soul, to see what kind of person they truly are. He can examine their mental and emotional characteristics and qualities to determine if they are evil and in need of punishment. While this ability is usually how Ghost Rider is able to find his targets, he can also rule a good person out as a target, bypassing that person's opinion of himself or herself.
    • Mystical Chain Projection: Ghost Rider made a normal chain mystical with his powers and made it capable of superheating or cooling instantly, growing in length, cutting and burning through almost anything, or even twirl as fast as helicopter rotor blades.
    • Penance Stare: Ghost Rider's most powerful weapon is the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into his eyes to see and feel every bit of pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime for all eternity. After exposure to the Penance State, the individual eyes are replaced with burn-out pupils. The one side downside of the Penance Stare is that an individual in question must posses a soul. The Rider was said to feed on the evil of his victims, but seemed to have a tendency to be more violent to attack victims who were themselves guilty of violence, or proceeded to attack and provoke him.


  • Expert Stunt Rider: Blaze is an expert motorcycle stunt rider.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although he's had no proper training, Blaze is a formidable hand to hand combatant and has become quite adept at using his powers in combat situations.
  • Occult Knowledge: Ghost Rider possesses knowledge of the occult and supernatural.


All Ghost Riders possessing the Spirit of Vengeance have common disadvantages:

  • Heavenly Weapons: Any weapon crafted from Heaven or blessed can mutilate the Ghost Rider. This is the only way to decapitate a Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Host Separation: Though killing with a Heavenly weapons is one way, another way to defeat the Ghost Rider is to separate the Spirit away from the host. This makes the host return to be mortal but the Spirit will remain in its current state until it finds a new body to inhabit.



Several Motorcycles

Vast collection of books on mysticism, magic, folklore, angles and demons, etc...


  • Hellcycle: Johnny rides a motorcycle which can be infused by Hellfire, whenever he becomes Ghost Rider. As it is enchanted, it can travel several miles in minutes and on any surface, whether vertical, upside down or even on water. It is also seemingly immune to damage and does not need to be maintained in order to function. It is also capable of driving itself and can be summoned by Ghost Rider at will.


  • Hellfire Chain: Utilizing an length piece of chain he found upon his first time as the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider's chain has become a mystic weapon capable of transforming into a wide variety of different weapons.
    • Mental Commands: The chain obeys the mental commands of the Rider as if it where alive. When not using it, the chain will link to itself in a loop around the shoulder of the Rider. When he decides to use it as a weapon, The Rider can will it to do so it multiple feats at the same time.
    • Variable Length: The chain is capable of mystically extending to greater lengths, it's upper limits are unknown.
    • Lasso Effect: The Rider can use the chain in a lasso effect to snag and ensnare his targets.
    • Anchor Effect: While riding his Hell Cycle upward on the side of a tall building, the Rider used his chain to stab the outer surface of the building and anchor himself to make a hard U-turn to ride down the building.
    • Tornado Effect: The Rider was able to swing the chain with extreme speed and fire creating a tornado effect that he used to kill one of the elemental demons.
    • Hellfire: In addition, he can apply hellfire to it to use it to disintegrating his enemies when he uses it in a whip like effect.


  • Born August 1, 1972.

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