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Kyle Drake
Real Name: Kyle Drake
Current Alias: Kid Evolution
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  •   Instantaneous Adaptation: Kyle's powers of self-protection offers continuous circumstantial evolution. Kyle is able to adapt to any situation. His reactive mutation adjusts his capabilities to his environment. Examples of such manifestations include receiving functioning gills after being submerged in water, gaining night vision after being in the dark for several seconds, being able to survive without oxygen when in space, his skin becoming fireproof when it is exposed to flames, his body becoming pure energy, his intelligence increasing itself or the understanding of the Shi'ar language by looking at it in written form. However, his powers do not always take the effect he desires. In a fight, his body may teleport him away, rather than give him an ability to defeat his opponent.
    • Immortality or Near Immortality: As a byproduct of Kyle's continuous evolution, he may in fact be immortal. He can survive indefinitely in harsh conditions and/or without water or nourishment.
    • Proactive Adaptation: Kyle is able to trigger mutation that proactively ensure his survival sometimes by affecting others.
  • Ability to perceive mutants' auras: Kyle is capable of perceiving the auras of mutants, allowing him to distinguish them from normal humans, aliens, etc.