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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 is a video game for XBOX 360, PS3, and PC It has over 4 story acts.



Only for

On all systems but exclusive content for every system


act 1

At the year 2001, Wolverine (in his X-Men costume), Ben 10 at age 10 and Spider-Man was on doing a job for Nick Fury to tell Dr. Doom (Tim Allen) to go to the mad house (Negative Zone) with Kevin 11, Electro, Toyman and Emperor Zurg for killing the toys from Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. When done with Kevin 11, you will see blood. The blood is from Electro. When done with Electro, you will see Nick Fury in 2000 saying Toyman, Electro and Dr. Doom is in Dr. Doom`s house. When done with Zurg, Ben goes to Way Big to starts a fusion with Wolverine to burn robots. In his house, when done with Dr. Doom, he dies, but the villains turn into monsters to kills all. When done with Monster version of Doom, Kevin, Electro, Zurg and Toyman, Toyman falls from 100 feets, Kevin, Electro and Toyman go to the Negative Zone and Dr. Doom dies for 1 week. At the year 2006, Batman go to find Robin. Who The Joker take from Batman. When you go to a plane, you will see Robin dead. At the year 2011, Spider-Man and Ben 10 (age 16) tell you about where you need to go to a town (Bellwood) to find Buzz who was taked by Vilgax, Aggregor, Hex, Venom (who will help you in act 7) and Ultimate Kevin. When done with Kevin, you will see Vilgax`s world. When done with Venom, he will tell you Vilgax is in his house. When done with Hex, Buzz is with Thor, Play as Buzz, Ben as Ultimate Swampfire and Thor to battle Aggregor and Vilgax. When done with Aggregor and Vilgax, Ultimate Swampfire says it all over Vilgax. And Vilgax says you will die before he kill us all and the superheroes go to war! The FF with Mordecai and Rigby comes to Canada to find Deadpool who was with Albedo, Ghostfreak and Master Plank Caller! When done with Deadpool, Albedo will be in a ship. When done with Albedo, you will play as Deadpool to battle Ghostfreak. When done with Ghostfreak, a man called The Red Hood will be with Master Plank Caller! When done with The Red Hood, M.P.C will be with 10 cells. Used 10 cells to go to 1982, 2001, 1968, 1963, 1990, 2000, 1960, 1975, 1992 and 1941. When done with M.P.C, he say you are zeroes.

act 2

The heroes are going to war. 2 teams are good heroes and bad heroes.