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Heroes for Hire, Incorporated is an American superhero comic book series which set in the Marvel Sigma imprint universe, being published by Marvel Comics since TBD 2020.



  • Lucas "Luke" Cage - a former convert who gain super strength and bulletproof skill, after being injected by a version of the Super Soldier serum, where he formed the Heroes for Hire, Incorporated to deal with street-level crimes.
  • Daniel "Danny" Rand/Ronin - an Asian-American billionaire and the CEO of Rand Enterprises who help Luke formed the Heroes for Hire, Incorporated where he was train TBD
  • Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl - a young college student TBD
  • Ava Ayala/White Tiger - a young teenager TBD
  • Shang-Chi - a highly skilled Asian-American martial artist TBD
  • Gregory "Greg" Willis/Gravity - a young Canadian college student TBD


  • Det. Dakota North - TBD
  • Jessica "Jessie" Jones - TBD
  •  ???
  • Maria Castle/Punisher - TBD
  • Tyrone "Ty" Johnson/Cloak - TBD
  • Tandy Bowen/Dagger - TBD
  •  ???


  • The Hand, consisting of:
    •  ???
  •  ???
  • Kevin Kilgrave/Purple Man - TBD
  •  ???


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  • The comic was originally sent to published in June of 2020, but got delayed due to Covid-19, where it now publishing in the late-2020s.
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