Marvel Sigma/Heroes for Hire, Incorporated

Heroes for Hire, Incorporated is an American superhero comic book series which set in the Marvel Sigma imprint universe, being published by Marvel Comics since TBD 2020.



  • Lucas "Luke" Cage - a former convert who gain super strength and bulletproof skill, after being injected by a version of the Super Soldier serum, where he formed the Heroes for Hire, Incorporated to deal with street-level crimes.
  • Daniel "Danny" Rand/Ronin - an Asian-American billionaire and the CEO of Rand Enterprises who help Luke formed the Heroes for Hire, Incorporated where he was train TBD
  • Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl - a young college student TBD
  • Ava Ayala/White Tiger - a young teenager TBD
  • Shang-Chi - a highly skilled Asian-American martial artist TBD
  • Gregory "Greg" Willis/Gravity - a young Canadian college student TBD


  • Det. Dakota North - TBD
  • Jessica "Jessie" Jones - TBD
  •  ???
  • Maria Castle/Punisher - TBD
  • Tyrone "Ty" Johnson/Cloak - TBD
  • Tandy Bowen/Dagger - TBD
  •  ???


  • The Hand, consisting of:
    •  ???
  •  ???
  • Kevin Kilgrave/Purple Man - TBD
  •  ???


  1.  ???


  • The comic was originally sent to published in June of 2020, but got delayed due to Covid-19, where it now publishing in the late-2020s.
  •  ???
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