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Biographical Information
Real Name: Scott Summers

Current Alias:



The First X-Man, Scotty, Scott Cyclops, Fearless Leader, One-Eye


September 10, 1977










Familial Information


Christopher Summers (father);
Katherine Summers (mother, deceased);
Jack Winters (former foster father, deceased);
Alex Summers (brother);
Gabriel Summers (brother);
Association Information

Marital Status:



X-Men (founding member, leader)


Adventurer, teacher, student (formerly)

Base of Operations:

X-Mansion, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York


Identity: Public Identity
Nationality: American
Citizenship: American
Education: College Graduate, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Physical Description
Height: 6' 3"


195 lbs (88 kg)
Eyes: Brown (glowing red when using powers)


Skin: Fair
Physique: Muscular

Unusual Features:

Usually wears Ruby-Quartz sunglasses or Visor to contain Optic Blasts
Origin: Mutant
Universe: Earth-416274
Place of Birth: Anchorage, Alaska
Background Information

Voiced By:

James Marsden

Cyclops (born Scott Summers) is a mutant with the ability to fire an optic blast from his eyes. Having been one of the first members of the X-Men, Scott Summers was chosen to become the X-Men's field leader.


Scott is brave, selfless, a master tactician, and first-rate leader. He has very low self-esteem, however, holding a low opinion of himself and obsessing over his shortcomings and failures. Socially, he has described himself as an introvert. As a leader, he is very strict and no-nonsense, demanding seriousness, dedication, and skill, usually earning him the dislike of more rebellious team members such as Wolverine.

Scott also has a plethora of mental issues, bottling up his emotions and refusing to confront his issues, despite this affecting him adversely.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mutant Physiology: As a mutant Scott possesses the following powers.
    • Optic Blast: Cyclops has the ability to release powerful energy blasts from his eyes. However, these blasts are uncontrollable and continuous, as they are constantly firing from his eyes whenever they are opened. He wears special glasses or a visor made with ruby quartz to prevent himself from accidentally causing unintentional destruction. The beams are capable of blasting through steel, concrete, and wood, as well as to send targets flying backwards. He can change the intensity of the beam with a dial on the visors, making it large enough to blow open a thick steel door or small enough to break hardened slime off Jean Grey's face without hurting her, When he and other mutants who escaped captivity, were about to be gun downed by soldiers, Scott unleashed an optic blast, that completely disintegrated twenty soldiers. The visor is also able to restrain the blast's full power, allowing a hit from it being enough to simply knock out an opponent rather than hitting with explosive power. When he was being attacked as a teen, he was able to blow through almost all the floors of the school, also leaving a trail of flames indicating that there may be some heat, or at least extreme friction, in the beams, Jean mentioned that Scott could punch a hole in a mountain with his power if he tried
    • Spatial Awareness: Cyclops possesses an uncanny sense of trigonometry, in this sense used to describe his observation of objects around himself and the angles found between surfaces of these objects. Cyclops has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to cause his optic blasts to ricochet and/or reflect off those objects in a trajectory to his liking. This is commonly called a "banked shot" when applied to this talent. Cyclops has been observed causing beams to reflect from over a dozen surfaces in the course of one blast, and still hit his intended target accurately. It is his sense of spatial awareness enhanced to superhuman levels that allows him to perform these feats as well.
    • Energy Resistance: Cyclops is resistant to the effects of his own powers. This is linked to him being capable of withstanding his brother's ability with no ill effects, a result of their close genetics and a quirk of mutant genetics that is common among siblings.


  • Expert Pilot: Cyclops is an expert pilot of fixed-wing aircraft, a skill he shares with his father. It has also been implied that his trigonometric sense improves his abilities in the air.
  • Master Tactician and Strategist: Cyclops has spent most of his superhero career as the leader of the X-Men and has developed exceptional leadership skills. It is notable that regardless of their general attitude towards him, all of the X-Men tend to obey his orders in battle - because they know that he is usually right.
  • Multilingual: In addition to English, Cyclops is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and Russian. The former was telepathically taught to him by Emma Frost, while the latter was telepathically taught to him by Professor X.
  • Expert Martial Artist: Cyclops also has extensive training in martial arts and unarmed combat, holding black belts in karate, judo and aikido. His level of skill is sufficient to defeat eight normal men with his eyes closed, and he has in the past held his own against dangerous hand-to-hand enemies such as Wolverine and Ghost Rider.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Years of being in intimate situations with telepaths have allowed Cyclops to hone his mind to the point where he can resist telepathic intrusion and withhold certain information from high level telepaths.


  • Power Regulation Disability: Cyclops' optic blasts can not be consciously controlled as he suffered from brain damage in his youth, which inhibited his ability to control his power. This can be dangerous to those around him, as proven when Toad stole his Visor, the pull unintentionally forced Cyclops to look up and destroy the train station ceiling, causing extreme collateral damage.



  • Cyclops' Visor: The mask Scott wears to prevent random discharge is lined with powdered ruby quartz crystal. It incorporates two longitudinally mounted flat lenses which can lever inward providing a constantly variable exit slot of 0 inches to .79 inches in height and a constant width of 5.7 inches. The inverted clam-shell mechanism is operated by a twin system of miniature electrical motors. As a safety factor their is a constant positive closing pressure provided by springs. The mask itself is made of high-impact plastic. There is an overriding finger-operated control mechanism on either side of the mask, and normal operation is through a flat micro-switch installed in the thumb of either glove, A separate pair of lenses were also designed for Scott to use while sleeping, He also used "emergency ruby quartz contacts".
  • Cyclops' X-Suit: The current costume of Cyclops is a variation of the basic costume designed by Charles Xavier, the Professor X, to their first and original X-Men. The costume (X-Costume, X-Suit, or X-Uniform) was designed for body protection and ideological identification with the public, marking him as a superhero. Cyclops wears a suit made of Kevlar, which is fire retardant among others defensive properties. The uniform also offers a certain level of resistance to electric shocks, force impacts, and others basic types of attacks.



  • Following a childhood head trauma, Cyclops is unable to shut off his optic blasts at will and must therefore wear a visor, glasses, or contacts with ruby quartz lenses that block the beams.
  • Iceman disliked Cyclops' inability to socialize with his fellow X-Men. In his view, Cyclops was a grouch who thought that smiling or having fun was sinful.
  • Cyclops rarely smiled during his early years with the X-Men. When seeing Cyclops smile, Angel noted to himself that this was the first time he had seen Cyclops smile in months.


  • Each of the Summer Brothers has a signature energy color: Scott has red, Alex has blue, and Gabriel had yellow.
  • Scott has used the email address 'ssummers@xmen.cerebo.x.