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Real Name: Setsuna Wachigai Ryuga Akihito

Current Alias:

Cmdr. Star-Cross



(unnamed brother)


Briseurs de Malédictions


Crime Boss (formerly), Karate teacher (formerly), Karate student (formerly)

Base of Operations:

The Suffering Swamp


Identity: Secret
Nationality: Japanese-American (dual-nationality)
Citizenship: American
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May 12th, (in the normal world +1975), (in the odd world -25)




March 24th, 2012

Marital Status:

Education: High School (formerly)






Height: 6'5 hgt, (198 cm)


222lbs, (100kg)
Eyes: Dark-Brown


Skin: Fair
Physique: Normal

Unusual Features:

Has a claw mark scar on the left side of his chin.


Born in Futuristic Los Angeles, California
Universe: Earth-14132
Place of Birth: Earth-14132, the large continent of North America, the country of America, the state of California, the city of Los Angeles
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Voiced By:

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Setsuna is a man with, peach skin, short dark-black hair (dyed with a single blond hair strand hanging on the far right side of his face), black eyebrows, pearling white teeth, squinty eyes, a flat face, dark-brown eye irises, has a tiny vertical claw mark scar on the left side of his chin, wears a long sleeved purple hooded-cloak with two long thin, yellow-golden vertical lines stretching from the bottom of the cloak going all the way up to the hoodie in the back and to the neckline in the front in center, with the front being fashioned by a small-sized purple zipper in-between, under this is a purple V-neck T-shirt with a large yellow-golden five-pointed star with a large purple lowercase letter “t” on the front and center, purple baggy pants, wears a golden-yellow porcelain mask that has a large thick, linear diagonal purple curved colored line going down from the upper left side to the lower right side, and wears dark-black tena shoes.



The Beginning Arc 1/2

In the suffering swamp, Cmdr.Star-Cross, Façade, and the Briseurs de Malédictions gang are moving out to Los Angeles California to find the North Compass.

Powers and Abilities

External Form

Cent Malédiction du Croissant Malédiction Dernier Quartier Phase de la Lune Commandant Ѐtoile-Arcange La Ville de Malédiction Ténèbres (French for Hundred Curse of the Crescent Curse Last Phase of the Moon Commander Star Archangel La Ville the Cursed Darkness): Setsuna transforms himself into an archangel demon with, pitch black iron skin, hair grows 15 inches long, eye irises change from the color of dark-brown to purple eye irises with dark-black slit pupils, a dark-black crescent moon halo outlined in violet-purple above his head, eye sclera changes color from being the color of white to black, gains a heavy, a purple armored tunic on his body that has a large dark-black five-pointed star in the center with a large capital letter T shaped cross in the center, has four large dark-black demonic bat wings that have five, medium sized, five-pointed purple stars with lowercase black letter “t”s on the inside of the stars all on their membranes sprouting from his upper back, with their wingspan being 15 inches, wears dark-black open-toed shoes, and carries a long, black spear that has a small purple crescent moon for a guard, which has a purple crescent moon hilt.



Treasure Emerald Eye: Upon usage, the user wears it over any eye over their face, and gains an emerald green field of vision with white sparkles. This allows that said user to see another persons' health via a releflection of health bar like a video game.

Power Aumented Mask: Upon wearing the mask, the user gains an increase of normal attack power. Supplementing their own moves.

  • Enhanced Durability: Upon wearing it, the user gains durability.