Nick Fury: alright gentlemen, your mission is to escort the Black Widow to Russia so she can deliver intelligence to Prime Minister Putin.

Spider-Man: Tuh, Nick i think is a job for agents not a bunch of street crime fighters.

Nick Fury: not with who you're up against.

  • an image of Dr.Doom apears on the screen of the Quinjet*

Spider-Man: oh crap!

Daredevil: what who is it?

Iron Fist: we're up against Doom, Matt.

Daredevil: well this sucks.

Luke Cage: tell Jessica i love her.

Nick: fine, now get going.

  • the hatch door opens*

Spider-Man: oh man, i forgot i was gonna go see Jimmy Fallon tonight at Studio 6B.

  • the heroes, consisting of Peter, Luke, Matt, Danny, Remy and Logan, make the jump out the jet*

Natasha: hello boys, welcome to Paris.

Peter: woah, woah, woah, wait. why the heck are we in Paris, we were supposed to go to Moscow.

Natasha: we have our reasons. now lets go.

  • a bolt of energy hits the ground the heroes look up and see a ship with a video of image of Doom*

Peter: already?

Natasha: unfourtunatly. Spider-Man, Iron Fist, you two take Logan and Luke Cage up to the ship ----!

Remy: excuse me, "comrade" but i have simpler plan.

Natasha: and what would that be "masure"?

  • pulls card from deck, charges, throws, boom and repeat*

Remy: that.

Natasha: nice.

(over speker) Dr.Doom: doombots engage the enemy, NOW!

  • a series of doombots land with thundering thud*

Luke: yo, Logan, how 'bout throwing a few fastballs?

Logan: i'm in.

  • Luke picks up Logan, claws popped, an throws him at the asult of doombots*

Logan: that's how you do it Gumbo.

Remy: cute, monei-me.

  • Logan retracts all but middle right claw*

Logan: screw you!

Peter: hey, hey, easy boys!

More To Come...........