Spider-man 2121 is the alias of Peter Parker XI(The eleventh) who is the great grandson of the real Peter Parker.In 2121 Peter was a high school student who got his powers on a school field trip like his grandfa
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Peter in civilian form

ther.Unlike him however, he recieved them by touching a radoiactive crystal not a radioactive spider.After absorbing it's power, Peter had developed powerful abilities such as webslinging,super strength,super speed and radioctive abilities.Peter then decided to create a suit made of U.M.F(unstable molecule fabric) which was the only thing that could contain his radiotion and allow him to use it without destroying him and everything around him


After defeating the Sinister Six he decided to assume a new role which soon become Crimson Spider and he was also the leader of the Spider Society until Hex-Spider took in when he retired.


Age:17(27 when retired)

180px-Spider-Man II (Ben Reilly)

Peter as Crimson Spider

Real name: Peter Parker(X I)


  • Spider-man 2121
  • Petey
  • Puny Parker
  • Dorkwad


  • Wolverine (Kevin Lambert)
  • Red Lash
  • Iron Tank
  • Dynamo
  • The Broods


  • Magneto (Zac Lambert)
  • Pysicke
  • Rhino (Jeremy Allan)
  • Electro (Noah Vale)
  • Venom (Peter Partker X I clone)


Peter Parker(grandfather) Mary Jane Watson Parker(grandmother) Perry Parker(Father) Abby Thompson(mother) Peter Parker X I clone(genetic duplacate)