Spider-man X's costumes natural shape


Real Name

Jeffrey Madison


Spider-man, Spider-man X

Powers and Abilities

High Tech suit, Spider-powers, genius level intellect


Earth-718: Proffesor Joe Madison(father, deceased), Martha Madison (Mother, deceased) Earth-616: Spider-man(peter parker)(mentor)

Major Enemies

Venom, Subslame and Evoleo


Spider-man(Peter Parker), Hulk (Bruce Banner), and Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Team Affiliates

The Celestial Avengers, New Slingers

Originally from a universe where Peter Parker had died, Jeff took the mantle of Spider-man, transported into the main Marvel Universe when his was destroyed he is now going by the title of Spider-man X to diffrentiate himself from Peter Parker


Jeff lived in a world where Venom killed Peter Parker and unleashed a new Symbiote Invasion, his father had been designing a serum to create a Spider-man, however before his father's work had been completed he had been killed by a group of symbiotes, on the run Jeff finished his father's work and designed a semi armored costume with built in sonic deflectors, he had concluded that the world needed a Spider-man and so used the serum on himself and donned the armor. He was able to fend off the Symbiote invasion with the few people of the resistance, he freed several other people from their symbiotes and they joined the resistance. Jeff was able to succed where Peter had failed and defeated venom, separating the symbiote from its host and killing it. With many heros dead when Galactus Arrived in his universe his world was devoured however a last ditch effort by Madam Web brought Jeff into the main Marvel universe where he now goes by Spider-man X to diffreintiate himself from Peter

Powers and Abillities

His power having been from a formula designed to give him spider like abillities are very simmiliar to the regular spider-man's, however greatly diffrent since the originals were given to him by pure chance of a spider bite.

Spider-man X can create organic webbing from his own body, has heightened agility and the equivalent strength of a spider, being able to lift aproximately 900 pounds, before the symbiote invasion of his world he had studied Martial Arts and so has an advantage with his fighting skill coupling with his abillities, although he does not have a spider sense like Peter Parker, he does have enhanced vison so he is able to litterally seem like time slows down around him giving him a "bullet time" like effect. Like the original spider-man he can cling to almost any surface. His costume is actually designed for Warfare against symbiotes and therefore contains sonic disruptors, they can serve other purposes however in this world where Symbiote warfare is uneeded. Having been a fan of Japanese super hero shows, Jeff had programed his suit to only activate on the Command word "Henshin".


His costume resembles the Original Spider-man's black Costume, he himself is tall usually wears a leathers jacket, has Red hair, and Green eyes.


Spider-man X's costume when his world celebrated him as their savior


Jeffrey Madison's civilian Guise

921314-black suited spider man super

Low profile mode of the suit