Spider-man X the game takes place before Jeffrey Madison was taken to the main Marvel universe by Madam Web and serves to tell his story as a companion to the comic book. It's gameplay style is in the vain of Spider-man web of Shadows, but also allows a lot of Free roam. It, like web of shadows, deals with a Symbiote invasion.


See: Spider-man X Vol.1 Symbiote War


As Spider-man X you have many of the same abillities of the original spider-man, however instead of a spider-sense a gameplay featue has been implemented known as "Spider-time" it slows time down around your character for a limited amount of time, the more enemies you deafeat the longer Spider-time last. The game has Free roam capabillities so you can explore all of New York city, and its new Symbiote inhabitants for you to defeat. Their is a dynamic combo system of various martial arts moves and new moves desinged to fit this spider-man and his suits abillities. The main enemies are Symbiote foot soldiers.

Playable characters

  • Spider-man X
  • Wolverine(for one level)


  • Venom
  • Symbiote Wolverine
  • Symbiote Deadpool
  • Various other Symbiote monsters
  • Dragon Venom
  • Symbiote Zombie Spider-man(AKA poison)
  • Demon Venom