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The Great Escape is the first episode of Defenseless.


It was a peaceful day on the Helicarrier. Iron-Man was walking by some computers. Suddenly, one of the screens turned red. It began effecting the others too.

(Iron-Man): Hey Nick, is that supposed to happen?

Nick Fury walked over.

(Nick): No, it's really not supposed to do that.

Most of the computers were red now, Black Widow walked over.

(Black Widow): It seems the other computers aren't working.

(Iron-Man): Wait, it could be a virus.

(Nick): How did a virus get in here?


Spider-Man walked in.

(Spider-Man): Hey, I just beat some creep. He said he'd hack the Helicarrier.

(Nick Fury): I'd like to see him try.

Nick Fury walked away.

It then shows Spider-Man's SHIELD Webshooter with a red screen.

(Nick): Anyway, we should tell the others to get out of here.

To be finished.